Sometimes the thing you can't see, is the thing right in front of your eyes. For close friends Katherine Anderson and Steven Colby, the chance for a romantic relationship was a hurdle that was too big to climb--until Katherine needed a pretend husband, and Steven agreed to her ruse. Thrown together, in the company of strangers, they find that their pretend relationship doesn't need much pretending, and that real feelings are starting to grow.




Katherine Anderson is a committed career woman working as a psychologist in the field of marriage and family. She is excited to be asked to attend a symposium at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. The head of the symposium, Professor Krumsfeld, tells her that he is looking forward to meeting Katherine and her husband. Katherine is not willing to contradict the professor, and possibly create a career speed bump, so she asks her old friend Steven Colby to pose as her husband for a month. Once in Stillwater, in such close proximity, they each begin to experience feelings that are more than friendship. Conflict arises from the lack of understanding they have in each other. They dive into a romantic relationship, not taking the time to first build a solid foundation. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles, such as  Steven's girlfriend, their not-too-happily married roommates, and a marriage and family symposium that is not what it seems to be.

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Cover art by Karen Ball.

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