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Dayne Gearner has traveled many paths in the quest of being a published writer.  An author of books and screenplays, as well as a musician and songwriter, Dayne thrives on the creative process. The hardest part has been finding a balance between the creativity and the day job. Dayne loves books, music, travel, her family, things with motors, cowboy boots, football and cooking. Her parents have been her biggest supporters, as well as her biggest fans.  Dayne is single and lives in northern Oklahoma, but she was born in Texas and considers both states home.




Along the way to publishing her first novel, Dayne has worked as a librarian, secretary, accountant, retail salesperson, cashier, and a host of other odd occupations.




But the creativity is what drives Dayne, and it's the creativity that makes every other crazy thing in life worthwhile. Dayne finds creativity, not only in writing, but in music, cooking, sewing, quilting, and cross stitch. She has a passion for automobiles and movies.




Dayne is active in the music field, working as a songwriter, publisher and recording artist. She likes music that is real. She believes that music which comes from deep inside the artist, is music that will deeply touch the listener.




A woman of wide interests and even wider dreams, Dayne has a quest for knowledge that cannot be quenched. She has a strong quality of empathy, which is reflected in her books and in her work.




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